Central Heating Management System

Our aim at Solar Plus is to bring you energy systems that not only improve the comfort of your home but drastically reduce your energy bills. Let us not forget that since 2008, average household energy bills for gas and electricity have increased considerably (uSwitch refers).

Designed to save you money on your heating bills and reduce your CO2 emissions, the Central Heating Management System (CHMS) will improve your existing boilers efficiency by eradicating common central heating problems. It's custom design and ingenuous controller work seamlessly together to make this a unique product combination unlike any other on the market today.

How it works

Central Heating Management System
  • By installing the CHMS you can reduce the temperature differential across the radiator.
  • The MHB™ incorporates an air vent which bleeds air from the system.
  • It increases the flow rate of the water in the radiator circuit.

Central Heating Management System Diagram

CHMS also includes:

  • Dynamic Power Cleanse
  • Advanced Wall Thermostat
  • Advanced Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Dynamic Central Heating Cleaner
  • Boiler Optimisation Controller

Central Heating Management System (CHMS) at a glance

  • CHMS maximises the efficiency of your heating and electricity

  • Reduces your energy bills

  • Extends the life of your boiler, heating system and electrical appliances

  • Cuts ongoing maintenance costs

  • AND reduces your carbon emissions

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